Ventilation is a vital ingredient in providing a comfortable working environment for your staff.  Under the Health And Safety At Work Act 1974 all Employers have a duty of care to provide members of their work force adequate Ventilation.  Fresh, clean air should be drawn from a source outside the workplace, uncontaminated by discharges from flues, chimneys or other process outlets, and be circulated throughout the workspace.  In some cases open windows will provide enough natural ventilation but due to the obvious drawbacks of noise, and insects, it is recommended that mechanical Ventilation should be considered.

In addition to adequate Ventilation, Humidification should also be considered. Extremes of Humidity levels will also result in severe discomfort for members of your staff.  If Humidity is not monitored and levels drop below 25% then not only will they feel cooler but staff who wear contact lenses will suffer from dry eyes. High levels of humidity will make your staff feel hotter than the actual room temperature.  As a guide if the room temperature is 24 oC and the Relative Humidity is 0% then the room temperature will appear to be 21 oC, and 27 oC at 100% Relative Humidity.

If you have concerns regarding any aspect of your ventilation requirements then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs or arrange a site survey if required.

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