The value of routine Maintenance is often overlooked by users of HVAC equipment.

Dirty Air Filters, Evaporators, and Condenser Coils will result in a dramatic loss of efficiency from an Air Conditioning system.

Dirty and blocked Heat Exchangers for Dry Coolers will cause high pressure trips and expensive call outs for the Customer.

Air Handling Units with blocked Fresh Air Filters will result in high CO2 levels within the office space which unless monitored will often go unnoticed until several staff become ill, which will effect your business by a loss of productivity.   Even something as simple as a call out to an odourus Air Conditioning unit can be avoided if a suitable Maintenance plan is in place.

We can advise, tailor, and provide a Maintenance proposal to suit your requirements and  budget to ensure your equipment is always operating at its most efficient.

Alternatively if you require a ‘one off’ service visit then this can also be accommodated to suit.  Our fixed price service menu starts from as little as £80.00 plus vat, to carry out a major service to one Air Conditioning split system.  Further details are available upon request.

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